Mounir Sabri is a talented photographer based in Casablanca, Morocco. With a passion for capturing portrait and fashion through his lens. Although he has only been in the industry for a few years, Mounir has already made a name for himself with his exceptional skills and creative vision.
Growing up, he always had a passion for photography but pursued a career in digital marketing instead. However, he could not ignore his love for photography and decided to teach himself the art. With a lot of dedication and hard work, Mounir was able to develop his skills and soon found his niche in portrait and fashion photography.
Over the past few years, Mounir has been involved in many high-profile projects, including editorial shoots for magazines and campaigns for different brands. His work is celebrated for its striking visuals, attention to detail, and ability to capture the beauty of fashion.
With a art's heart and a photographer's eye, Mounir is poised to become a major force in the portrait and fashion industry. His work has already gained recognition and admiration from industry insiders, and he is sure to make an even greater impact in the years to come.
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